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2014-02-09 23:00:53 by Mayonnaise-Banana

Hi, I'm back on Newgrounds. I'll upload a few things just to get myself out there a bit more, have more of the "just do it" mentality. Enjoy everything you hear!


2011-12-16 22:01:19 by Mayonnaise-Banana

So, after a few months, I realized my previous update was pretty exciting. So to keep things on a slightly less from-the-moon level of energy, I've written this much calmer one. I've also uploaded a couple of songs, For the Road and Pioneer, which you should go listen to.

And I'm off! Bronies forever!


2011-04-04 05:22:20 by Mayonnaise-Banana

SO. I've got myself into about eleven situations where I'm (probably) going to get myself killed, not the least of which being that I uploaded MAH FOIST SUBMISSION TO DA INTERWEBS SINCE '89!! YEAH!!!

I'm also typing this whole thing upside-down because I've apparently managed to get kidnapped by savage robots, so if anyone has any combat items they could lend me, that would be FANTASTIC!

So there's this terrorist wolf spider that's like and inch or two in diameter including the legs that's hangin' out above my bed so I'm up in the middle of the night 'cause a storm woke me up like, 15 minutes ago after I slept on the couch for a couple of hours. I'm not sleepin' in my bed because that spider would be like a foot from me. So terrorist spiders are going to make me screw up on the big test tomorrow. Oh, did I mention I have a State Issued Standardized Test tomorrow?

Yup. But apparently it doesn't matter because when tests happen, I feel like I'm so high, that I wouldn't be five feet tall (which I am).

I feel like a blogger! That's enough for THAT hobby. We may see more in: The Next Episode: The Sequel: The Prequel! Now I can't decide what I need to do for the next hour-and-a-half of my life.

I really feel like I should say more, but I'm just boring so here's my eyebrow raise emoticon:

AND. I'm not letting myself end on a note like that. That's just LAME.

I just realized no one actually knows and/or cares about me so I'm pretty much writing this for my own personal enjoyment.


Oh, and you can pretty much forget about the aforementioned plans that were mentioned before UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, which could be never.

Guess what!

2010-11-08 19:13:34 by Mayonnaise-Banana

It's November!
Guess what else!
There's no movie!
I'm postponing the release so I can get my hands on Flash so all you Newgrounders out there can see it right here! Be happy!
Also, I could use some male voice actors that are willing to work for free! Just, ya know, send me a message with a link to a voice clip of some kind.
I have 5 spots open.

Hey, everyone.

2010-09-18 21:37:32 by Mayonnaise-Banana

I'm working on something that should be done before November, unfortunately I don't have Flash or the means to obtain it so OH WELL, it won't be here, sorry guys.